The Three Things Fabletics Focuses On

Fabletics has a unique reverse showroom engineering technique. This is helping them take on Amazon, which controls 20% of the online fashion industry. Fabletics owns both physical stores and an online store. They offer a subscription-based service to their customers. They have over 1 million customers who are subscribed to this subscription service. Thirty to 50 percent of the customers who walk into the stores are already paying subscribers. Another 25% of the customers will become subscribers inside the store. That is how this technique is possible. Instead of customers coming in and trying on products and then avoiding buying them because they are unsure if they want to buy it at the current moment, Fabletics just lets their customers choose to make the decision at a later time. Fabletics focuses on what their customers want. They know what their customers want by using their online data. They look at what customers in certain areas are buying online. They then can stock their physical locations with those products. They also look at a particular location’s social media feedback. According to Fabletics, the reason they have such a large growth rate is because they focus on three things. These three things are people, accessibility, and culture. By focusing on people, meaning their customers, they are able to retain their previous customers. They also focus on culture, meaning they look at trends in the fashion industry and what people want. Most of all, they focus on accessibility, which is possible through their subscription-based service. People are able to get clothing every single month at a very cheap price. People can also walk into stores at any time and get clothing.


Businesses like Fabletics are facing challenges. However, businesses are able to understand the new consumer. They offer unique designs, unique membership options, and a unique customer experience to grow their business. If you cannot do what Fabletics is doing, you will never be able to succeed because you will not be able to compete with the big ecommerce companies such as Amazon.


Kate Hudson is a member of the team at Fabletics. She endorses Fabletics, and she is involved in making the decisions at every level. She helps with everything, including design, marketing, and customer relationships. You should take the lifestyle quiz and find out which clothing is the best for you.