Southridge Capital, a Leader in Financial Investment

Managing finances has over the years become problem for most individuals and companies. It is because of this that Southridge Capital was formed. The company offers advisory and structured finance to public companies. Through the provision of innovative financial solutions, Southridge Capital has successfully helped its clients achieve their needs. The company was founded by Stephen Hicks who also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer. He leads a group of managers which consists of Narine Persaud, Henry B. Sargent, Lawrence J. Ditkoff among others.


To achieve sustainability of its market, Southridge Capital capitalizes on the deep understanding of its executive team on matters relating to the market. Since 1996, the company has invested $1.8 billion into the growth of companies alone. It company understands the concerns that these companies are likely to face and through the existing team, it offers consultations on most corporate related issues.


Southridge Capital has also been active in achieving its corporate social responsibility. Through formal and informal philanthropy missions, Southridge promotes volunteer work as well as providing community leadership. By so doing, it is able to have a positive impact on the society and on top of this building itself as a firm. Stephen Hicks has continued to show his support of fellow citizens. Together with his fiancé Mary, they began the Daystar Foundation which supports various charitable organizations.


In an exclusive interview with the Newswire, founder Stephen Hicks spoke about his personal life and what inspired him to start his company. Stephen told Ideamensch that the idea for Southridge came while he was working at a small fund based in New York. He asked the Principal whether he would allow him to start his own hedge fund, luckily, Stephen was given the go-ahead and that is how Southridge came into existence.


Stephen is so excited about cryptocurrency and marijuana. According to Stephen, Hedge funds are always about investing money in projects that are likely to gather fame in the future and thus generate more money. These two share a common feature that boils down to having the profit potential.



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