Securus reveals customer reviews and testimonials

Securus Technology is a global leader in provision of civil and criminal communications and technology. Solutions provided by the company have aided monitoring and correction facilities improve on their investigations, public safety, and supervision services. The company recently made a release of their new Software Investigator Pro 4.0. The software works like magic, it collects voice sample of inmates or identifies the person at the other end of the phone.


The software then uses these sample voices to identify other locations where the voice has been noted. The presence of the software comes at the right time, fighting crime has just been taken to the next level. The Chief Operating Officer at Securus Technologies insisted that the software is going to be handy to investigators. It should help them uncover criminal activities even before they happen.


In the past, mob organizations and gangs have been closely linked to prisons. Most of the influential members within these activities live behind bars. Securus Technologies has been it possible for inmates to communicate with their families.


The release of the Investigator Pro 4.0 has seen an increased ability by correction facilities to fight crime. The software tracks people with their voices. Through the advancement of the software, criminal activities have been noted and prevented. According to recent customer reviews made available by Securus, most of its clients in multiple correction facilities have highly benefited from the software. In one occasion, an investigator notes that he was able to stop a pre-planned criminal activity just by following and identifying the caller’s voice. Other customers that have used the software have highly praised it for its efficiency and reliability.



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