Rebel Wilson-Comedic Love Cynic

Rebel Wilson, the down-to-earth diva takes center stage in her new movie, Isn’t it Romantic which is sure to be a giant hit this Valentine’s Day. She has become well-known for her roles in comedies, and this movie is going to vamp up your usual romantic comedy.

In the movie, Rebel Wilson plays Natalie who is a fairly norm architect in New York City trying to make it big. She isn’t much more than the gofer at the office, and her life is anything but exciting until one day it all changes.

When she gets mugged and is knocked unconscious, she wakes up to a personal nightmare of hers with is a romantic comedy type of existence where she is trapped in a love triangle with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. It plays out to be quite hilarious and in order to break the “spell” she needs to fall in love with a man which is not so easy for the love cynic.

Rebel Wilson has gone from blending in with the shadows to standing in the limelight. As a young girl, she was the epitome of shy, and she avoided being out in the open. Her mom had to drag her to community acting classes and practically pry her off of the car to get her to go inside. But as she became a teenager, she decided that that was not going to be her future and she was sick of being in the background. She pushed herself to do things that made her uncomfortable such as joining the debate team, and it has really paid off.

Today Rebel Wilson is no wallflower, and she’s instead front and center and where the action is. In the past, she has taken roles such as in Pitch Perfect and in Fat Amy. She has even written and directed her own television series, Bogan Pride but she is ready to take in Hollywood and to prove what she can do.

Her trip to the top was anything but smooth sailing, but she has overcome her challenges, and she hasn’t let anyone stop her or even slow her down. Instead, she has picked up the pieces and kept going.

Growing up, Rebel Wilson was a bit of a rebel, and she had the attitude to match although she was somewhat socially awkward. She attended a high school for girls where she was encouraged to do what she loves and to pursue your dreams. At the age of 17 she even joined the Youth Ambassador Program and traveled to South Africa. She contracted malaria, and it was right around then that she decided that she was destined to be a star.

She gained an education for the University of New South Wales, and she also attended the Australian Theater for Young People. She quickly realized that she had the gift to make people laugh and that is the route that she was going to take. Turns out that this was a very smart move.

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