Jeff Aronin’s Background and Success

Jeff Aronin is a determined man. He has been working in the biotech and healthcare fields for more than twenty years. He has served as the head of several biotech and healthcare companies during his career. A couple of these companies are Paragon Biosciences portfolio companies. He is a man with a big heart and wants to help fund cures for today’s most complex diseases. The best thing that Jeff Aronin thinks he can do during the day is to help a patient of his lead a better life. This is why Jeff Aronin was awarded the Weizmann Leadership Award in 2017.


The first thing that a person has to understand about Jeff Aronin is that he puts the patient first (Chicago.BlueSkyInnovation). He understands that diseases have ripple effects on not only the patients but the families of these patients. He makes sure that he is available for the whole family and the patient. After treatment is complete he makes sure to check up on his patients to see how they are.


Another aspect of Jeff Aronin’s career is that he is a leader and he is focused on the mission at hand. His team has been around him a long time and his associates know that people come first. He is also a man who knows how to get things done. If Jeff Aronin or his team hit a roadblock on an idea then he makes sure to figure out the best way to move forward. He is a passionate man when it comes to doing a job and doing it the right way. That is the way Jeff Aronin operates and his team fully understand that.


A final aspect of Jeff Aronin that a person should know about is his giving nature. He wants to see startup companies succeed because he was once in their shoes. Being a mentor for future generations is one of the best things that he can do to help other business leaders.


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