JeanMarie Guenot Brings Her Business And Scientific Skills To Amphivena Theraeputics


The rise of Amphivena Therapeutics has been a fast one with the company looking to ensure the medical issue of blood cancers through the development of immunotherapeutics that can play a key role in the eradication of these diseases. In a bid to build a successful company that will achieve its goals in the years to come Amphivena Therapeutics is looking to develop its management team with the appointment of JeanMarie Guenot, who is one of the best known members of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


In appointing new leadership, like JeanMarie Guenot to the role of President and CEO of Amphivena, the company is looking to draw on the more than 20 years of experience she has developed since graduating with advanced degrees from the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania; not just a business leader, Guenot used her time as a student to develop her skills as a scientist with skills in X-ray, drug design, and molecular dynamics. After leaving education behind JeanMarie looked to develop her own company in the form of SKS Ocular, which is one of the leading developers of ocular care treatments and therapies. The work of JeanMarie has also taken on a global scale with her appointment as an advisor to the respected Hoffmann-La Roche company that saw her skills taken to major industry locations, such as Shanghai and Basel.


JeanMarie Guenot has been one of the most innovative members of the pharmaceutical industry throughout her 20 year career, which includes her time developing a series of drugs and treatments for various illnesses and diseases; Guenot has been responsible for developing breakthrough treatments in many areas like autoimmune disease and inflammation. As a business leader Guenot has often made a mark when joining companies that are just setting out on their development phase or for those who are looking to rebuild for the future. In working with Amphivena Therapeutics JeanMarie Guenot is looking to continue her success in medical advancement, like the new partnership with Takeda.

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