How to ensure that each day is a good hair day; tips from Wen by Chaz

Every person wishes that they would have long and lustrous hair every day of their lives. Unfortunately, for many women, this does not happen and at times, the condition of the hair becomes seriously compromised by issues such as dryness of the scalp, itchiness, dull hair and split ends. One hair specialist that has been following women and their struggles has come up with products that have been transforming the way in which women care for their crowning beauty. Below are some of the essential tips that Wen By Chaz offers about getting and keeping beautiful hair.

Using the right washing process

Not many women realize this but their hair starts getting ruined from the moment that they start washing it. The best way to wash hair is first of all to make sure that the entire scalp gets wet. This helps the strands of hair lock in the moisture. After the hair has been wet, you can begin the shampooing process, followed by the rinse. When you finish the washing, always make sure that you condition the hair before combing it. The conditioner works out any tangles and prevents the hair from splitting.

Treating the hair with heating tools

This is another common cause of bad hair in women. When using heat styling tools, it is recommended that you tune down the heat. Hair gets damaged from excessive use of materials such as blow driers and curling irons. Heat protection creams can help minimize the effect of the styling tools.

Hair care products

This is the ultimate determiner of the state of your hair. Brands such as WEN hair are great because they have been researched on and proven to be the best for hair. The founder of the line has been a hair care professional for decades and understands the major issues and the best solutions for them.

WEN Hair is sold almost exclusively online ( though there are some retailers such as Sephora that also sell the products in their stores. You can buy the WEN by Chaz products in a three sets that includes the conditioner, shampoo and mousse, or you can go with the deluxe kit that also includes mist and gloss.

For more product info, check out their pages on Wikipedia and Facebook.

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