Gino Pozzo, the Game Changer in the English Premier League

Gino Pozzo is one of the renowned football club owners in the English Premier League. He has a record of helping small teams find their way from lower division to the competitive first division category. The current Watford Football Club owner has unmatched sports success record. The Italian sport enthusiast is a son to sports lovers, Giuliana, and Gianpaolo Pozzo. His mother Giuliana hails from the same family with former leaders of Udinese Football club. Gino Pozzo’s passion for sports is in the blood.

Since Gino Pozzo purchased Watford club in 2102, the club has recorded tremendous improvement. The club was struggling to clear debts and climb from the English league’s fourth division. Gino and the Pozzo family took over the club prepared to make it a successful venture. They had hopes of reviving the club that had an impeccable record in the 1980s. Investing in the English premier league attracts many prominent businesspersons because of its high return on investment.

Watford football club became the third football club in the Pozzo family’s portfolio. Others include Udinese and Grenada football clubs. Through the leadership of Gino Pozzo, Watford has undergone various changes including the recruitment of new players and coaches. Recruitment and trading of players is the order of the day in the Pozzo family. The trend started in the days of Udinese club and continues in Watford.

However, Gino notes that the family does not replace a coach in the middle of the season. The Gino family believes in a smooth transition at the end of the season.

Gino Pozzo acquired his managerial skills through the company’s administrative and electrical appliances businesses. The Harvard University alumnus moved to the United States at 18 but relocated to Barcelona two years later. He moved to London in 2013 together with his Catalan wife and their three children to monitor the premier league investment.