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Davos Real Estate Group recently announced the launch of a new mobile application called “Davos CAP Calculator” that aims to provide the client an estimated amount of return on real estate investments. Using just a cell phone, one will behold the ability to recognize and identify properties and forward the reports to your respective agents at Davos through interactive chat. Developed profoundly using the latest technology, this useful tool lets one estimate the gains on investment property considering the associated expenses and is available on both iPhone and Android. This app functions as a guidance expert to investors in real estate business and allows the investor in having a clear vision with respect to financial terms while purchasing a property. Based on the associated rate of interest, funding period and projections by the bank this app lets the investor calculate mortgage called “mortgage calculator” which is one of the benefits of this application.

Being an expert in financial advising, financial law, and banking in Venezuelan and Latin America David Osio is a renowned individual with extensive skills and expertise. He is a graduate of the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela with major in banking, finance, and international studies. It is a group of independent and licensed companies. Davos Financial Group was mostly recognized as Venezuela’s first financial advisory firm. Prior to Davos Financial Group, David also served as the VP of Banco Latino International in Miami from 1989 to 1983. Managing customer acquisitions and defining market strategies were some of his main roles during his time at Banco Latino International.

Besides playing a huge role in the geographical expansion of the company having international offices set up in places such as New York City, Geneva, Miami, and elsewhere, David Osio has also been able to facilitate the increase in income levels of the company using his expertise and perfect leadership skills. The United States Congress has also awarded him with Medal of Honor Furthermore he has received many international awards for his services and much more for his embracing role and contributions in providing economic opportunities and charitable contribution. He continues to lead the company to attain high level of success in the corporate sector.


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