Creating Lists Has Helped Matthew Fleeger To Accomplish Many Of His Varied Goals In This Life

Matthew Fleeger is an oil and gas entrepreneur who studied at Southern Methodist University, where he focused on marketing and finance. His father worked as the owner of a company in the gas and oil sector and inspired him to work hard. Fleeger worked for many years in different jobs, where he amassed plenty of experience and knowledge. Eventually he decided to serve at his father’s company, which is named Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger later decided to go on his own again and started up his own company named MedSolutions. The company focused on disposing, treating, and managing medical waste, and Fleeger served as the company’s president, director, and chief executive officer. In 2007, he sold the company to Stericycle for $59 million. The leadership experience Fleeger gained while running his own company gave him all of the skills to rejoin Gulf Coast Western. He now continues to serve as the company’s president.

Matthew Fleeger is very excited about the direction that the oil industry in the United States is going. He has noticed that there have been many new innovational ideas in the sector in his home country. He also commented in a recent interview about how new technology is making the industry more efficient.

Matthew Fleeger is an entrepreneur who uses lists to stay productive and on top of everything he has to keep up with during any given day. This has allowed him to monitor his own progress and to accomplish the goals he sets for himself. Fleeger was recently asked to talk about a piece of advice he might offer to a younger version of himself, and he responded that he would tell himself to create a balance between work and the rest of his life. This is something that every entrepreneur could learn from.