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Doe Deere Article #5

Did you know that the cosmetics field of work is one of the most popular and most profitable industries on earth? That’s right! This field of work is loaded with thousands of products that come from the hundreds of brands. Unfortunately, this huge amount of options has given the industry a cluttered appearance. You would literally have to dig through large amounts of cosmetics just to find the perfect product. Fortunately, this article will highlight a leading competitor. This leading competitor will give its users a distinct appearance thanks to its humungous amount of colorful schemes. If you haven’t guessed it by now, this brand is known as Lime Crime, and it has shaken-up the industry to the highest degree.


Lime Crime is a top-selling cosmetics brand, and it was founded by fashion designer Doe Deere. Doe Deere is actually from Russia, but she now lives in Los Angeles with her husband. This extraordinary young woman has brought her own style to the game, and she is unapologetic about doing so. Of course, being unapologetic is all about the brand’s motto. Since the industry didn’t posses vividly bright colors at the time, Deere decided to exploit this opening to the fullest. Lime Crime’s social media accounts are buzzing with daily activity and millions of people follow the brand on Twitter and on Instagram. Before the official launch of Lime Crime, Deere used these platforms to introduce her new cosmetics. She also used her personal vlog for building buzz. Thanks to attending F.I.T. in New York City, she was taught many beneficial marketing techniques. Deere also learned about marketing when she played in a band. That’s right! After moving to New York City at the age of 17, her goal was to become a musician.


When it comes to colors, no other brand can compete with this brand. Lime Crime has an abundance of colors such as:


  • Wicked (blood red)


  • Black Velvet


  • Pink Velvet


  • Saint (cranberry red)


  • New America ( vivid red)


  • Cupid (pink)


  • True Love (hot pink)


  • Red Velvet


  • Cement (gray)


  • Marshmallow (dusty pink)


  • Alien (neon green)


  • Pansy (vivid purple


  • Jinx (deep purple)


  • And many others



This eclectic brand offers lip toppers, lipsticks, foundation, rainbow-colored liquid liners, standard eyeliner, hair dye, lip gloss and nail polish. In the end, Doe Deere has definitely stamped her imprint on the cosmetics industry and Lime Crime will leave a longer lasting impression than its competitors. Learn more:

Lime Crime’s Doe Deere Proves The Value Of Knowing Your Brand

In 2004, when Doe Deere opened an eBay business to sell her DIY fashion, she noticed that the fashion e-commerce world was devoid of something very important: color. As a natural-born leader, she painted her face in bold and bright hues and launched a trend that is still thrilling beauty experts twelve years later.


Doe was born in Russia, but she grew up in the fashion-obsessed streets of New York City. Since she was a little girl, trying on her mother’s makeup when no one was looking, Doe approached fashion as a crucial means to self-expression, opening a door into the world of her dreamy imagination which millions of beauty consumers are now praising her for. As the founder and CEO of her cosmetics line, Lime Crime, her whimsical and humorous approach to makeup has become an e-commerce sensation.


When Doe launched the cosmetics line in 2008, she had her sights set on developing a lipstick which would be as high in quality as it would be playful and unique in its presentation. With this goal in mind, she created the Unicorn Lipstick line, a line of highly pigmented lipsticks in bold colors, featuring packaging that depicts a sparkly unicorn. As other lipstick brands were lacking in imagination when it came to the packaging, the product line was an instant success.


Since launching Unicorn Lipsticks, Doe has developed a seemingly endless number of cosmetic hits. Her company has expanded to include eyeshadows, nail polishes, and other popular beauty essentials. The company has earned a remarkable amount of revenue for an independent online business, proving that Doe is an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with.


Doe believes that much of her success is due to her complete dedication to her brand. From the launch of Lime Crime, Doe knew that she had no choice but to represent herself and her imagination to the fullest. Perhaps in 2008, iridescent packaging and unicorn imagery was not a leading trend, but now in 2016, major beauty brands are emulating her unique dreamy style.


Now a highly successful CEO, Doe has years of experience in running a business under her belt. She believes that to maintain the brand’s success, it is essential that her employees feel that they are valued, and she treats her employees like her own family. But, most importantly, she understands that the secret to her success is trusting her gut and her own unique aesthetic, developing a brand which is true to herself and captures the imaginations of beauty lovers everywhere.