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Securus Is A Trusted Source For Law Enforcement Agencies

Securus Technologies, Inc. is the nation’s leader for proving technology solutions to correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies across the United States. Securus have provided their cutting edge products and services to more than 3,450 of these agencies, they hope to create a better incarceration environment that’s safe for everyone.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, proudly shared how his company receives thousands of emails and letters from correctional facility staff and officers each week that expressed their gratitude for their products. Some law enforcement officials shared in detail on how Securus’ tech solutions have helped to prevent crimes and threats. A correctional facility customer commented on how the Securus’ monitoring service has allowed them to hear threats being made, selling drugs and bringing it the facility and many more illegal activities being conducted almost on the daily.


On another letter released, an officer was in the middle of a major investigation when they called Securus on how to enable their covert alert feature, the company responded promptly and they were able to take the suspect in. Not only are these comments helpful to see how Securus Technologies can make life a little easier for law officer’s, it can act a sounding board for the company to acquire new data and ideas to develop better products in the future.


Using Securus Technologies to Crack Down on Drugs in Jails

Despite the best efforts of my fellow corrections officers, drugs inside the jail are a threat that seems to get worse each year. Even with several resources at our disposal, inmates have been getting very creative in the ways they will get their drugs smuggled inside this facility. The problem has reached a point where my superiors are giving us access to any resource necessary to clean up this prison and get back control of the situation.


The reason drugs are such a deadly mix in the hands of the inmates is due in part to the fact they outnumber officers and have to be in such close proximity with one another. An inmate that is normally calm and collected could become uncontrollable if under the influence of heroin or crack. Not only does this inmate then put his own life in danger, he is risking the lives of other inmates, visitors, staff of the jail, and all my fellow officers. We got the call that Securus Technologies was called in to update our inmate call monitoring system, and training on their LBS software was next week.


Securus Technologies is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he talks about how all his employees are working to one objective, making the world a safer place to live. These monitoring systems are in well over 2,500 jails and allow officers the chance to be in other areas of the jail as the software scans all calls for any chatter on drugs. That day we were all familiar with the LBS software, we couldn’t wait to utilize this resource.


Call after call, the system would alert us that inmates were talking about getting drugs from family, using drugs at night in the cells, or hiding their drugs in plain sight. We took action each instance and have seen a positive impact already.

Securus reveals customer reviews and testimonials

Securus Technology is a global leader in provision of civil and criminal communications and technology. Solutions provided by the company have aided monitoring and correction facilities improve on their investigations, public safety, and supervision services. The company recently made a release of their new Software Investigator Pro 4.0. The software works like magic, it collects voice sample of inmates or identifies the person at the other end of the phone.


The software then uses these sample voices to identify other locations where the voice has been noted. The presence of the software comes at the right time, fighting crime has just been taken to the next level. The Chief Operating Officer at Securus Technologies insisted that the software is going to be handy to investigators. It should help them uncover criminal activities even before they happen.


In the past, mob organizations and gangs have been closely linked to prisons. Most of the influential members within these activities live behind bars. Securus Technologies has been it possible for inmates to communicate with their families.


The release of the Investigator Pro 4.0 has seen an increased ability by correction facilities to fight crime. The software tracks people with their voices. Through the advancement of the software, criminal activities have been noted and prevented. According to recent customer reviews made available by Securus, most of its clients in multiple correction facilities have highly benefited from the software. In one occasion, an investigator notes that he was able to stop a pre-planned criminal activity just by following and identifying the caller’s voice. Other customers that have used the software have highly praised it for its efficiency and reliability.



ConnectUs and Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has announced it’s newest addition of ConnectUs, this link allows for automated Grievance Applications and Inmate Forms. With ConnectUs, it will help in saving money and time, approximately 65% of time over filling out paper forms. Generally, correct facilities have normally used paper forms for various request by inmates such as medical, grievances, sign up forms and handbook acceptance forms. There has been valuable time spent by correctional officers collecting, distributing, logging, routing, copying, responding, archiving, filing, and storing these forms. However, with the new ConnectUs application, these forms of any type can easily be created and then become available to inmates. And if there is a change that needs to be made to a form, this can be done in minutes, and it does not involve printing. The app helps to transform the manual paper processes into a digital automation. The Grievance Application and Inmate Forms are making a real difference for customers using the app. With this newest addition, Securus has automated and processed 13.8 forms on average per inmate per month, and through this is saving the corrections staff time that they can use for focusing on security and safety. Inmates have also benefited from the self-servicing access for forms , being able to check the status of grievances and forms and appeal or accept them. With Securus ongoing efforts for providing automated tools for corrections and inmates, ConnectUs helps in bringing innovations to modernizing the incarceration experiences. ConnectUs has been known as the most robust app and features a rich inmate platform within the market. Not only does ConnectUs help in allowing inmates to access services and features that have never before been available, it also fully governs when and what is available for inmates. There are also many additional capabilities of the platform including time, dynamic application display by day, digital inmate bulletin board, and inmate location.