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You Are in Good Hands with Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Since its conception in 1973, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association has built a reputation for excellence. Consisting of over 80 certified physicians and over 100 certified nurse anesthetists, CAA is able to provide a level of excellence everyone would want when needing medical attention that deals with anesthesiology. This group of professionals serves over twenty medical facilities within the Austin area. These facilities include hospitals, trauma centers, and even surgery centers.

All doctors and nurses are board certified or working toward certification. Many of the doctors and nurses have continued their education in pursuit of specializing in certain fields within the field of anesthesiology. Everyone including the office staff and the administrative staff are highly professional and highly trained to give you the best experience you can get while needing medical attention. From the billing process to the actual medical procedures, Capitol Anesthesiology Association is best anesthesiology association in the Austin area. You can count on them for the best medical treatment possible.

Improved Health, Weight Loss & Feeling Great, All Because Of


Weight loss, improved health and feeling better are something that everyone wants to achieve, right? offers a full body cleanse that has increased social media buzzing about the positive results. Popular sites and celebrities such as Steve Harvey are swearing by the Dherbs cleanse and diet. Harvey recently invited Dherbs CEO to appear on his show and talk about his health products.

Weight loss, energy and improved health are just a few things that have been mentioned. The full body cleanse, coupled with a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and raw seeds are the ticket for success. Eating right is of course a part of the diet, but the health products greatly enhance the results. also offers other products that allow individuals a variety of ways to achieve their personal health goals.


Weight loss is a billion dollar industry every years, but is not the only health concern that people have. Dherbs Inc. also offers products that help with colon cleansing, fertility, hormonal balances and even specialty items for both women and men. Those that have a weakened immune system can benefit from immunity boosts and even help fight off viral infections with their anti-viral supplement. With flu season upon us, that anti-viral may just be the ticket to health. has a variety of personal care products as well. They also offer hygiene and beauty products such as lip balm, facial skin kits and therapeutic oils. Not only are they concerned with internal health, but they also assist in the health of outer appearance. Products are meant to restore health and improve well-being from “within the human body”.

If you know Sheryl Underwood, you probably know her weight loss story and how she keeps fit. She is one of the celebrities who have tried the Full Body Cleanse. Just recently, in a radio talk show, she talked about her weight loss journey and how she discovered the cleanse online. She used it and swears by its ability to facilitate weight loss.

The Full Body Cleanse, according to Sheryl, can be used alongside a regular workout regimen. This is how she managed to lose weight while on the 20-day program. The good thing about the program is that it is natural and made of products which actually benefit your body.