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Fagali Airport Brings Tourists To An Island Of Beauty

There are thousands of tourists that come to the Fagali Airport in order to make there way into Apia and have a fun and relaxing vacation. The entrance to the area when passengers first arrive at the airport is covered in dense forests that surround the immediate area. There are many resorts to choose from in Apia, especially on Uplou Island. The majority of the people in the community at Apia are Samoan and live in surrounding villages. All around the island is white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, making the area a major attraction. At the Samoa museum, there is a huge amount of history to be learned about the island and the building that was constructed in 1999. There are tons of culture photos and island artifacts for tourists to view while they are staying.

Tourists that come through Fagali Airport often find themselves enjoying the deep sea diving they do around the island as well as the unique fishing trips that they do. The culture is entirely different from many other places around the world, so it is a beautiful sight just walking around the island and seeing the history. Samoan’s are kind and welcoming and take pride in their culture. They treat their guests to unique Samoan dishes that are a treat for tourists. Being only a few miles from Fagali airport, tourists can get right in on the fun in no time at all.

Despite the Fagali Airport being small, it is still adequately equipped to handle their passengers and can ensure a safe and smooth experience for all of their customers. The Fagali Airport prides themselves on helping their customers in all situations, having a representative available at all times to help customers and answer questions. Taxi rides for tourists take less than 10 minutes, allowing them to start exploring the beautiful attractions in Apia right away.

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