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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Inventive Research in Cancer and Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a senior professor and oncology scientist. He currently operates from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has a Ph.D. in experimental cardiology and experimental medicine. Before his doctorate, Mikhail studied at the First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg, where he earned a master’s degree in internal medicine.

Mikhail began working at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009 as an oncology professor. His appointment came because he is an accomplished scholar on the subject. He became an associate professor at New York Medical College in 2002. Additionally, Blagosklonny was engaged at the Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist. His research work centers on cancer, anti- aging drugs, targeted cancer therapies, and aging mechanisms.

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Blagosklonny has been internationally recognized as a passionate advocate for cancer drugs, mainly, Rapamycin. He has developed a theory on the possible role of TOR indications in cancer and aging. He has further proposed Rapamycin as a viable drug for its ability to prolong life.

Mikhail believes that it is possible for the world to thrive from cancer and aging effects. He has dedicated more time and energy in extensive oncology research to find options for cancer therapies. His hypothesis includes cell cycle, cellular biology, molecular biology, anti-cancer ontogenesis, therapeutics, tumor suppressors and clinical investigations.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is genuinely interested in cancer studies and targeted cancer therapies that prevent healthy cells from being harmed by dangerous rays and chemotherapy, the aging mechanism of (biogerontology), and anti-aging treatments. His study of signal transduction trails on cancer and aging revealed potential marks that slow down aging and related illnesses.


Blagosklonny also serves as chief editor of several magazines like Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. He is also in the Cancer Biology and Therapy editorial board and serves as an associate editor at Cell Death and Differentiation, PLUS ONE, the International Journal of Cancer, and the American Journal of Pathology. Blagosklonny has published groundbreaking science journals on Oncotarget and other notable publications.

Mikhail has written over 350 articles on topics like chemotherapeutic engineering, cancer cells, aging theory, and cell cyclotherapy. The scientist has regularly shared his research ideas on cancer and aging. His contributions on aging and cancer therapies have been essential in cancer treatment and research.