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The New Madison County Courier Is Changing The Way New York Does Law

The new and improved Madison County Courier is speedily changing how New York operates within the system of law. Usually, when an individual goes to court, he/she would have a few minutes to hire an attorney. On other occasions, people would ask around to try and find the best attorney in town. If that did not work, the last option would be to spend hours searching through the phone book and non-credible web pages looking for the right attorney for the situation at hand.


The Madison County Courier has changed this with the new features that are listed on its website. For starters, the website can be visited from any electronic device; this includes any cellphone on the market today. Individuals visiting this website do not need to know any legal terminology or even the major legal facts in their case. All they have to do is enter a small summary of what happened. They will also need to enter information such as how much money they can spend on an attorney, how soon the attorney is needed, and few other pieces of personal information. These people will then receive a list of at least a dozen credible attorneys that are ready to take on their case for a reasonable price.


While on this website, people will also have the opportunity to learn about Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein. This is the attorney responsible for making the New York Bar Association put this program together. Attorney Goldstein obtained a degree in law from New York University. He was at the top of his class, and every law firm in the area wanted to hire him. Jeremy decided to work for the people. He did this by first fighting for businesses being taken advantage of by the government. After this, he decided to attend to the legal needs of the common people.


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