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End Citizen’s United And Their Mission To Change Finance For Campaigns

Campaign finance reform is one of the most-interesting debates in all of Washington today, and it has gone on for many years because of the way that people are paying for their runs for office. The PAC known as End Citizen’s United is one that wishes to change the campaign finance laws, and they will end the PAC known as Citizen’s United in the process. This article explains how the PAC will seek to change the minds of American’s as they watch public elections take place.


#1: How Do They Want To See Things Change?


End Citizen’s United wants to see the campaign finance laws changed in such a way that there is no way Citizen’s United may go on. Change in the law will be a complex matter that must be left up to lawmakers, and they are hoping that training a grassroots movement of people will help them understand why the laws must change. There are quite a few people who may not understand why this is a serious matter, and they will find out when they are give information through the PAC and their social media accounts.


#2: The Social Media Presence


They prefer to break news and offer updates on what is happening in the halls of power, and they are talking about things that relate to money changing the way America is governed. Their concern about the role of money in government is such that they have made their plight known online better than they have on the street.


#3: A Common Goal


Everyone wants to see campaign financing changed in some way, and there are many people who identify as conservative who wish to see the laws change. End Citizen’s United simply wants to allow everyone to work on the same playing field when they are financing their campaigns. They know that this is difficult for some, but they believe that there is support on both sides of the aisle for this. T


Changing campaign finance laws is one of the tallest orders of the modern day, and End Citizen’s United wishes to ensure that a change is made as soon as possible. They believe that they may make a major change that will impact how every public election is contested. They will use their influence online to help educate the public, and they are willing to learn about ways that they may help the public understand why reform is needed in every corner of government.


George Soros – expert life hacker

With the widespread adoption of computer and network technology, many elements of the techno lexicon have entered the mainstream. Some of these are the various concepts related to the art of hacking on Snopes. At first, the term hacking had perfectly benign connotations, simply denoting the act of writing code. Slowly, it began to take on darker subtexts as it became associated with those few geniuses who were capable of wreaking havoc by gaining unauthorized access to computer systems on Forbes.

But since 2010 or so, the term has once again been rehabilitated to its original state, often carrying perfectly benign, pro-social connotations. However, it is the concept not of the computer-based security hack but of the life hack that most appropriately applies to George Soros. In fact, in terms of life hacking, George Soros may be the prototypical and best life hacker there’s ever been. At its core, Soros’ activities have simply consisted of finding legal exploits, holes in the system which allow an astute observer to profit. George Soros’ ability to see exploits that others cannot has allowed him to amass one of the largest fortunes on earth and to earn the place as, perhaps, the greatest trader who ever lived.

One man wrecking crew

One of George Soros’ greatest plays, indeed, one of the greatest trades in history, was his $10 billion short sell of the Pound Sterling in 1992. The British government had attempted to peg the Pound to the German Mark. But the latter was a strong currency which was backed by Germany’s formidable industrial economy. Under treaty to maintain fixed exchange rates with the Mark, the Pound began deflating on all markets outside the Exchange Rate Mechanism, the treaty which established the fixed exchange rates. George Soros and other currency speculators smelled blood in the water and began shorting the pound, which Britain was required under the treaty to exchange at parity with the Mark but the real value of which was rapidly plummeting.

But Soros’ talent for spotting life hacks extends beyond the financial markets. Recently, George Soros discovered that by replacing prosecuting attorneys across the United States he could affect rapid change and shift local judicial systems towards progressive approaches. Soros saw an opportunity to get progressive candidates into the one job that holds almost unilateral power in deciding who goes to jail and who goes free.

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From Colorado to Florida, he has defeated conservative incumbents by infusing their opponents’ campaign coffers with massive amounts of cash. Those quantities involved are relatively small for someone of Soros’ wealth. But the installation of progressive prosecutors has had a dramatic effect on the way in which local justice is delivered. Already, there have been fewer minority convictions and low-level drug offenders have been diverted from certain jail sentences to treatment programs. This is a great victory in the eyes of Soros’ and another example of his keen sense of exploiting loopholes to get the results he desires.