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The Good Idea Behind Southridge Capital – Check It Out

Every day, tons of people come up with good ideas that can earn them money if they pursue them as entrepreneurs, help society if they simply share such ideologies and kick them into action, and bring joy to people’s lives. However, most people don’t act on such ideas; rather, they tell themselves they’ll act on them later – in most cases, these ideas simply slip the minds of people who develop them.


Thousands of solid ideas are born in the minds of individuals on a daily basis. Some people act on them, whereas others don’t – the latter group is many times larger than the former.


Southridge Capital, an investment firm currently located in the wealthy suburb of Ridgefield, Connecticut, was founded over 20 years ago on nothing more than the kernel of a solid business idea. Let’s explore how this business was founded, what it does to generate revenue, and important things readers could potentially pick up on and apply to their own personal and entrepreneurial lives.


Every good business has a good ownership interest and a good idea behind it


Stephen M. Hicks created Southridge in 1996. The well-tenured businessman’s career was effectively germinated after he found employment at a hedge fund in his home state of New York following the completion of both a bachelor’s of science certificate in business administration – this four-year degree came from Briarcliff Manor’s very own King’s College – and a graduate commercial degree in business administration – the latter certificate came in the form of an MBA from New York City’s Fordham University. For more details visit LinkedIn.


After working at the aforementioned hedge fund for roughly a full decade, his employer – the owner of the objectively-small alternative investment firm – informed the younger Stephen Hicks that he’d be closing the firm within a year.


Outside of working in various positions in financial services, Stephen didn’t have any idea of what to do outside of becoming an entrepreneur. As such, he sought and received mentorship and guidance from the owner of that now-defunct hedge fund to form his very own alternative investment firm; thus, Southridge Capital was born. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Madison Street Capital Recognized for M&A Excellence

Madison Street Capital is one of the pioneers of investment banking in North America. This global investment banking company opened its doors back in the year 2005. Starting out only in the US, and to be specific Chicago, Illinois, the company has expanded to reach the African and Asian market. Madison Street Capital is still headquartered in Chicago, but has offices in Africa and Asia.



Madison Street Capital is known for its expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions. The company uses strategic approaches in helping companies to buy others or merge with them. Their core goal is to ensure that the buyers or sellers benefit equally with the shareholders. Other than leading companies in mergers and acquisitions, Madison Street Capital is also known for expertise in the private placement, corporate governance, capital restructuring and buy-out advisory.


Madison Street Capital also offers valuation services. This is both for tangible and intangible assets- from tax, to business evaluation and evaluation of financial reports, you name it. They also help clients in wealth preservation and tax planning.



Madison Street Capital reputation is built on four core values. There is the value for service, where they believe that their clients have to get the best out of every deal. Then there is integrity, which governs them to be honest and transparent in all their process. The company is also driven by a spirit if excellence and leadership. Helping them to be the best that there is in the industry.



Madison Street Capital has won more awards than you can probably count with the fingers of your both hands. Their most recent awards for excellence include an M&A Industrials Award of the Year 2016 and Boutique Investment Firm of the Year. In August, 2016, M&A announced that Madison were finalists in the two categories.


On being finalists for these awards, the CEO and founder of the company Charles Botchway commented that it felt really nice for the hard work of his time to be acknowledged. He was particularly thankful to the M&A Advisory for celebrating their achievement in the deal where they helped Dowco acquire Acuna & Associados S.A. He commented that the team had to go through many challenges in order to close the deal.