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Article Title: Ara Chackarian’s efforts in raising awareness towards mental health

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According to statistics, mental disorders affect approximately 19% of the adult population, 13% of children and is more prevalent among teenagers as it affects 46% of them each year in the US alone. Unfortunately, due to the high rates of stigmatization towards conditions such as depression, only less than half of those affected seek help. However, there are a few individuals and organizations which have been focusing on helping raise awareness through the provision of better treatments options. Leading the list of these few individuals is Ara Chackarian.

Situated in California, Ara Chackarian is known for his tireless efforts in connecting the world of healthcare with technology. He achieves this through TMS health solutions, a company renowned for the management of treatment-resistant depression through innovative means such as transcranial magnetic stimulation; hence the name TMS. Besides TMS, Ara Chackarian has also been connecting the two worlds through ASC capital holdings LLC, a healthcare-based investment company in which he also serves as a managing partner.

Ara Chackarian also goes out of his way to further raise awareness on mental disorders by writing about them on his medium account. For instance, he recently talked about the effect of mental health on most startups. According to Ara, most staff at startups often fail to bring up the subject of mental disorders, yet it is an issue that affects them due to the lack of work and life balance. Ara Chackarian, therefore, urges entrepreneurs and business owners at startups to create a culture that allows their employees to feel free in discussing such issues for more productivity.

Ara Chackarian, the philanthropist

Apart from his deep involvement in the world of health, Ara Chackarian is a man who always goes out of his way to make the community around him better. He does so by coming up with environmental conservation and youth empowerment initiatives.

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