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How Rocketship Education is Changing Education in Low-income Areas

When kids return from winter break to a new year, it’s an excellent time for them to get caught up and put action into forming new habits. Rocketship Education seizes this as an opportunity to cultivate good habits in students which will follow them through high school, college and into adulthood. They work with the children, and their parents, to empower them to understand what they need to succeed. In what areas could they improve, not simply scholastically, but what lifestyle changes could they make? Do they need to eat better? Get more sleep? Or focus on making time for homework? Children are taught invaluable life skills such as time management and how to break potentially overwhelming tasks into smaller ones.

Rocketship education is a transformation education experience. A school that thinks about children not in terms of grades and percentiles but as young people with individual needs and lifestyles. Rocketship Education is a K-5 charter school that focuses on bringing attentive education to low-income areas. According to a video on their website, the education gap is a country-wide problem that is estimated to take 130 years to close. Rocketship Education has made it their mission to close that gap within our lifetime.

Rocketship believes that their hybrid model and the way they approach not only student’s but their families and teachers is what will enable them to reach that goal. Rocketship, founded in 2007, considers themselves a collective and gives ownership of each school that is started to the parents and the community. Rather than a standardized education, the curriculum is adjusted to meet the needs of the area. A deep relationship exists between the school and students’ families. Teachers and school officials visit the homes of students to explain how the curriculum works. This also gives the family a chance to discuss their child’s individual needs. It’s the attention and holistic approach that make Rocketship Education so revolutionary.