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Kevin Seawright Rich Career History

Kevin Seawright is the current Executive Vice President and Chief Financial at Newark Economic Development Corporation. Seawright is a brilliant economic strategist and has vast experience in finance and administrative operations.

Seawright has successfully lead the reformulation of business strategies that have built responsive accounting and finance in New Jersey and because of his achievements was appointed as Newark vice president.

Kevin’s career accomplishments include revenue enhancements which have gone a long way in helping increase the forecasting of annual returns by 25% for goods and services rendered.

Also, Kevin Seawright has been able to solidify Human Capital Divisions thereby improving staff retentions, enhance recruitment efforts compensation management, collective bargaining, negotiations and change management. This process has helped improve standardization, enhanced customers service delivery, and organization performance.

Seawright for over thirteen years has used his vast experience in the financial sector to help better the communities on the East Coast. Seawright gained valuable experience while working for the local government agency in Baltimore. As the Fiscal managing officer on Aging and Retirement Commission in Baltimore, he was able to design a new accounting system that helped the agency save more than a hundred thousand dollars.

Following his outstanding performance, Seawright was then appointed as the Payroll Director of Housing, which was followed by another appointment as the Finance Director of the Homeless Division in the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Later on, Seawright was assigned the Chief Financial and Facility Officer in the Department of Recreation and Parks. Seawright appointment to the highest office in the City of Baltimore was in the education sector where he served as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer, a position he held for six good years.

Seawright then left the County government and joined Tito Contractors in Washington, DC, as a strategic partner and director of Finance and Human Capital. It is at Tito that Seawright gained expertise in the field of real estate and small business development.

Kevin Seawright throughout his career has been featured in a couple of publications and among them is the New Jersey Business Journal in May 2015, and PRNewswire when he joined Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. MarketWatch and Market Wired also featured him in his role at NCEDC.

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