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Boraie Development and Contemporary Properties

The Aspire is certainly a place that could be referred to as aspirational. It’s a New Brunswick, New Jersey structure that’s made up of just under 240 units. It’s a sleek apartment building that’s excellent for people who want to be right next to the train station located in New Brunswick. People who have to travel for work, leisure, play and more can always depend on this form of public transportation. Potential tenants can fall in love with so many things that relate to The Aspire. People who reside the building can enjoy the safety of a doorman who is never not available in the lobby. The Aspire’s doormen work hard 24 hours a day.


There are many other things that make life at The Aspire worthy of pure envy. Tenants can rely on an exercise center that comes with all sorts of high-quality cardiovascular machines and beyond. People who stop by the center can even partake in yoga. The building’s rooftop is truly awe-inspiring as well. It has a magnificent sundeck that can be fabulous for people who like to sunbathe in times of pleasant weather. It has a tranquil garden that can be suitable for staring up at the sky, thought-provoking conversation and simply taking advantage of the wonderful morning, afternoon or evening breeze.


There are no shortages of conveniences on hand for people who get to live at The Aspire. It’s right by a plethora of restaurants that serve all kinds of tasty cuisines. It’s right by a wealth of boutiques for people who like to shop until they drop as well. Grocery stores and minimarts in general abound in the area, too. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Boraie Development LLC is a trusted New Brunswick firm that puts time into the real estate scene in city settings. Clients who work with Boraie Development can get comprehensive assistance with marketing, sales, real estate development and a whole lot more. The staff at this firm concentrates on the creation of top-tier structures. Boraie Development collaborates with contractors, architects and even banks.


Shaquille O’Neal definitely isn’t an anonymous face to anyone. The tall basketball sensation has been captivating basketball lovers with his skills since early in the nineties. Omar Boraie has other plans coming up right now, too. He’s preparing to establish a building in Newark. Newark is where he enjoyed his childhood experiences. O’Neal has many positive thoughts that involve Newark as a community. You can visit Yahoo for more.




A Closer look at Boraie Development Company

Boraie Development is an organization located in Northern New jersey. The company primarily focuses upon Real Estate, Marketing & Sales Development as well as Property Management. Boraie continues to build phenomenal properties and provide each client with exceptional service and individualized attention.

Omar Boraie works with Operative Builders as well as General Contractors. The company has a little under 40 employees, about 20 that work within the New Brunswick area office. It is estimated that Boraie will easily gross about $10 million dollars within the up and coming year.

Boraie has been in business for over three decades, reveals In addition, due to their excellent track record the organization has become one of the most sought after companies within the state of New Jersey. The company knows how to manage and maintain each property they own. In addition, Boraie pays close attention to any upgrades or remodeling that needs to be done in order for their properties to remain current and up to date. People want a place to live that offers all the modern conveniences as well as style and class.

The organization has a highly skilled sales team which is available to schedule appointments, answer important questions and refer clients to the real estate development team. The company does a great deal with financial restructuring as well as the execution of well researched master plans. In addition, Boraie is always searching for lucrative real estate deals and investment opportunities. Boraie also has become involved with issues pertaining to urban development.

Boraie has an informational web site that keeps clients up to date on any changes within the company as well as information on new residential properties. For example, Boraie recently published an article on the web site which discusses how the town of New Brunswick has become a much better place in which to live. New properties have been erected throughout the town. In addition, a variety of new strip malls have opened in and around town. Also, most importantly it seems that crime is at its lowest for the first time within 10 years.

You may view the company website at In addition, you may contact the company directly by sending an email at [email protected] All email inquiries will be addressed within 48 hours.