Anthony Petrello Continues to Guide Nabors

The company is publicly traded and current has operations in 20 different countries on The Daily Beast. The company is considered a leader when it comes to providing innovative technology to the industry, inventing software to help improve efficiency, and safely managing the oversight of drills and rigs. Today, the publicly traded company is considered an industry leader when compared to its peers.

While the company is very successful due to its products and services on, much of the success is attributable to the experience and support provided by senior staff and the Board of Directors. One member of the board of directors that has continued to provide excellent support and service to the organization is Anthony Petrello.  He has been with Nabors for nearly 25 years and has had a variety of senior positions, which made him the natural choice to be CEO.

Prior to working for Nabors, he had some significant professional experience that has helped him to be successful as the company CEO. He previously worked at a law firm on for 13 years where he specialized in providing arbitration, international tax, and general corporate advice to his clients. Petrello also has a strong educational background, which includes receiving degrees from both Harvard and Yale.

Anthony Petrello is currently the director of a major law firm and energy company and also has a large focus on a number of different charitable causes. He is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital, which focuses on providing medical support to children.


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