A Look Into The New Strategies Applied By InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has established a strong presence in the Puerto Rico region for standing out as the best provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans. The company has for many years tried to introduce new systems that are meant to inject improvement and make it better in many aspects. In recent developments, InnovaCare Health embraced new technology that will see them stand out in the industry for having the most advanced systems of execution of services.

With modern equipment and trained staff, InnovaCare Health has managed to receive more applications from members of Medicare Advantage, increasing their contacts in this section to over 200, 000. The company is also working to see that leadership positions are streamlined and designed to offer better services that will elevate the company to a higher position.

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The introduction of new executives into several positions has boosted the strength of the leadership of the company and the management is hoping to look for more ways to enhance its competitiveness.

Jonathan Meyers
He holds experience of more than 15 years working with successful companies like BCBS and his knowledge about Medicare and Medicaid is one of the key elements that motivated InnovaCare Health to prefer him for the position. He promises to streamline the actuarial systems and allows customers looking for Medicare and Medicaid support on Facebook to access the resources with ease.

Mike Sortino
Most importantly, InnovaCare Health has hired a professional to the accounting office to preside over several roles that are relevant to the running of the company. Working as the chief accountant offers his the achievement he has longed for and he promises to integrate the finance and accounting departments for the achievement of success.

The leaders behind the success of InnovaCare Health
There are several professionals who have been in the leadership positions making key decisions that would steer InnovaCare Health to the achievement of success. Dr. Rick Shinto, MBA, the CEO of the company, is a clinical health expert with experience and skills necessary to the management of a big company like InnovaCare Health.

He injects relevant support that has gone a long way to revealing InnovaCare Heath as a reliable company. With him in the journey is Penelope Kokkinides has held the Chief Administrative office for several years and she works together with the rest of the management team to ensure the company moves towards the achievement of success.

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  1. Jonathan Meyers is an actuary by profession and since he joined InnovaCare Health, his input as the chief actuary has been a relevant element in the management of the company. It is becoming a whole new story for writing professional papers and also making it seem so bad for others as well.

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