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Boraie Development Creates Luxuious Living in New Brunswick

The Aspire, a new luxury rental tower developed by Boraie Development, is more than just another fancy building of high-rise apartments. The Aspire is a place for the young and up and coming trendsetters of New Brunswick to call home. The complex is centered around a modern and luxurious design combined with the convenience of nearby shopping, entertainment, nightlife, and dining.

Featuring 238 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, the complex offers a variety of upscale amenities such as a doorman that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and private parking that provides direct access to the building. The Aspire’s apartments are nothing short of amazing. Luxuries such are hardwood floors, high ceilings, gourmet kitchens, and spacious oversized closets are sure to satisfy even the most finicky of renters. The Aspire Tower is such an inspiration and worthy addition to New Brunswick’s downtown skyline that even the famous are getting in on the deal.

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal helped develop the Aspire Tower along with Boraie Development. O’Neal threw in his weight along with Governor Phil Murphy and other officials to mark a milestone in the building’s construction. A native of Newark, O’Neal invested in the towers to make the city more beautiful.

O’Neal believes in investing in things that will make a difference, and the Aspire Tower, also known as Shaq Tower, is definitely an investment that will make a difference in downtown New Brunswick. Governor Phil Murphy said, “Yet another piece of evidence that this city is on the rise, let there be no doubt about it.”

Boraie Development is dedicated to building high-quality properties. The company offers a variety of services and focuses on all areas of the urban real estate market. Besides real estate development, the company also offers property management services, real estate sales, and marketing services.

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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is Dallas’ most successful plastic surgeon. He is a partner in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and a member of the International Multi-society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. He is a Minnesota native, and after completing medical school at the University of Michigan, he attended Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital to continue his studies.

Dr. Sam soon became interested in cosmetic surgery. Although, his studies did not stop there. He is now enrolled in the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University to achieve his executive MBA. Dr. Sam Jejurikar hopes being in this program will give him more control over his business. He’d like to stop relying on consultants for business decisions.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is very involved in pro bono work in other countries for less fortunate individuals. Some of his patients have cleft lips and palates among other deformities. A passion of his is offering essential care to people that need it the most. The difficult trips are satisfying because of the gratification he receives after helping others.

In his personal practice, Dr. Sam is very “hands on” with his patients. He encourages a comfortable environment for his patients, so they do not feel rushed or overlooked. The goal is to allow all patients to express themselves in an open manner by listening to their needs, and developing a personalized plan for each one. Dr. Sam also wants the patients to go into surgery without questions or doubts, and be fully informed on what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

Therefore, Dr. Sam does not involve much time in marketing strategies. He firmly believes in customer service, and generating patients through positive word-of-mouth. Holding on to a thousand or so happy patients, diminishes the need to have new ones.

Henry Harrison Talks Bringing Ideas To Life

Harry Harrison headed Barclays Non-Core from 2014 to 2017 and has been with the company that is based in London for more than 2 decades. Current, Henry Harrison lives in New York with his wife, Amy Nauiokas. She is the Anthemis Groups president and founder, a company that deals in advisory and digital financial services. He received his education at the University of Warwick and the University of Cambridge and holds both a bachelor’s degree in Economics as well as a Master’s in Philosophy.

The idea for his company came from wanting to know how companies worked and how their ideas and business models went into practice after just being a theory. Henry Harrison also wanted to know how these companies interacted with the markets functionality on a macroeconomic as level. He knew early on in his formal education that he wanted to go into finances and has spent several years working as a derivatives trader before managing teams involving trading traders and fixed income sales.

In order to bring his ideas to life, Henry Harrison says that he relies on collaboration, humility, and diversity. The ideas that are being implemented are only as strong as the team that is working on them, which is why these characteristics are so important when it comes to everyone that is involved with a project. He has found that in some cases, it requires the work of more than one institution to bring some of the bigger ideas to life. He learned this while working at Barclays and believes that there were times he fell short.

Rebel Wilson-Comedic Love Cynic

Rebel Wilson, the down-to-earth diva takes center stage in her new movie, Isn’t it Romantic which is sure to be a giant hit this Valentine’s Day. She has become well-known for her roles in comedies, and this movie is going to vamp up your usual romantic comedy.

In the movie, Rebel Wilson plays Natalie who is a fairly norm architect in New York City trying to make it big. She isn’t much more than the gofer at the office, and her life is anything but exciting until one day it all changes.

When she gets mugged and is knocked unconscious, she wakes up to a personal nightmare of hers with is a romantic comedy type of existence where she is trapped in a love triangle with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. It plays out to be quite hilarious and in order to break the “spell” she needs to fall in love with a man which is not so easy for the love cynic.

Rebel Wilson has gone from blending in with the shadows to standing in the limelight. As a young girl, she was the epitome of shy, and she avoided being out in the open. Her mom had to drag her to community acting classes and practically pry her off of the car to get her to go inside. But as she became a teenager, she decided that that was not going to be her future and she was sick of being in the background. She pushed herself to do things that made her uncomfortable such as joining the debate team, and it has really paid off.

Today Rebel Wilson is no wallflower, and she’s instead front and center and where the action is. In the past, she has taken roles such as in Pitch Perfect and in Fat Amy. She has even written and directed her own television series, Bogan Pride but she is ready to take in Hollywood and to prove what she can do.

Her trip to the top was anything but smooth sailing, but she has overcome her challenges, and she hasn’t let anyone stop her or even slow her down. Instead, she has picked up the pieces and kept going.

Growing up, Rebel Wilson was a bit of a rebel, and she had the attitude to match although she was somewhat socially awkward. She attended a high school for girls where she was encouraged to do what she loves and to pursue your dreams. At the age of 17 she even joined the Youth Ambassador Program and traveled to South Africa. She contracted malaria, and it was right around then that she decided that she was destined to be a star.

She gained an education for the University of New South Wales, and she also attended the Australian Theater for Young People. She quickly realized that she had the gift to make people laugh and that is the route that she was going to take. Turns out that this was a very smart move.

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One Of The Top 8 Sulfate-Free Shampoos Per In Style Magazine: WEN by Chaz Dean

Individuals who care about having healthy hair which also looks good, holds style, and offers volume are increasingly looking toward sulfate-free cleansers. In Style Magazine offers an article on sulfate-free shampoos and lists the eight most effective products for those looking to better the health of their hair. The sulfate-free approach will lead to a non-foaming shampoo experience, as the chemicals in the shampoo which create that traditional foaming action are actually harmful to the hair. These chemicals can be drying because they strip good oils from the hair, plus they can damage the scalp and create frizz which is difficult to manage. This means that many individuals will experience a huge difference in manageability of their hair when they switch to a sulfate-free cleansing product.

One of the products on the list is the Cleansing Conditioner known as Wen by Chaz Dean. Wen is a line of products designed to create healthy, strong, voluminous, and easy to manage hair. The Cleansing Conditioner should effectively take the place of five different products: detangler, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner. After just one treatment with the WEN Cleansing Conditioner several individuals experienced noticeably fuller, shinier, and easier to style hair. If one is to consider the individual prices of each of the five products that can be replaced with the use of’s Cleansing Conditioner, the use of the Cleansing Conditioner can even be considered a cost saving measure.

To further add to one’s peace of mind when trying a new product, Wen by Chaz Dean products on are covered by a 60 day money back guarantee. It doesn’t matter how much of the product is remaining, or even if the bottles are empty, simply send them back to the company in order to receive a full refund.

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