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History of Neurofeedback used in Neurocore’s treatments

Advancement in EEG technology, neurofeedback, and brain mapping has enabled the scientists to understand the brain functionality well. Some companies like Neurocore apply the technology in improving mental insight and treating mental disorders including depression, Anxiety, ADHD and ASD. The neurotherapeutic application developments started long ago in the twentieth century, and they are now available for public use. See more information about Neurocore at

The understanding of neuroscience was started by Luigi Galvani and Volta Alessandro, two scientists from Italy who had interest in bioelectric theory and electro psychology and did the experiments on a frog and studied it during lightning as it was connected to a fence. Later on, in 1800, Volta proved his hypothesis.

The electroencephalogram (EEG) test that detects the brains electro activities was used in the old fays to identify epilepsy. Nowadays, Neurocore EEG use has advanced, and it is used in the detection and treatment of brain-related disorders like brain tumors, encephalitis, brain damage, and sleep disorders. Hans Berger did the first EEG recording in 1929 who used his son as a guinea pig. The discovery was regarded as the birth of clinical neurophysiology.

After the publication of the relationship between the brain and electric association, Berger continued with the research and understanding the brain. His great discovery was only criticized by himself, and he struggled with depression that made him commit suicide when he was 78 years old. Berger believed in telepathy, and that is what helped him in his discovery that he later discovered the alpha and beta waves. By 1939, Berger’s alpha and beta waves were adopted by other scientists when referring to the brain waves degree.


The self-regulation technology that uses electrical measurements, Neurotherapy, was discovered in 1968 by Joe Kamiya who posted an article that popularized Neurotherapy and provided grounds for the first neurofeedback training. Advancement in the neurofeedback understanding and training was done by Dr. Barry Sterman who studied and cat and tried to increase its Sensory motor rhythm (SMR). He found out that some cats were able to alternate the SMR and later used the same cat when he was doing a study on the rocket fuel induced seizure. Today, Neurofeedback is widely used. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Waiakea Water; the Most Unique Bottled Water Brand in Existence

The bottled water industry across the globe is reportedly worth more than a hundred billion dollars. The largest consumer of the bottled water is the State of Brazil with other nations following behind closely. Perhaps the reason behind the vastness of the industry id the fact that several companies are coming up with different brands of bottled water. It goes without saying that the variety of brands of bottled water in the market goes beyond any other product. A few years back, the idea of selling bottles was a laughable idea considering the fact that many countries had just adopted the use of filtered and treated tap water. However, several establishments have come up with unique ways to make their products stand out in ways that they cannot be compared with tap water. Some use vitamins, while others use tangling products while others also use a filtration process that is unique. One of these unique brands is Waiakea water.

About Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is produced by a water bottling company that is situated in Hawaii. Waiakea is actually a term in the Hawaii language which translates to broad waters. The fact that this brand is one from Hawaii and employs the Hawaii culture is one way that it stands out. However, the most unique feature about this brand of filtered water is their filtration process. The water that is used by this company which was established six years ago is actually volcanic water. The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water goes through a filtration process that involves the water being run through a fourteen thousand feet porous volcanic rock found in the Mauna Lao Volcano in Hawaii. Perhaps this is the most unique bottled water brand in the industry since no other brand can boast of selling volcanic water.

The other unique factor about this brand is the fact that they employ the use of degradable plastic bottles. This goes a long way in helping reduce the negative impact that actual plastic bottles have had on the environment. This is actually the first company to ever use plastic bottles that are completely degradable and use 100% recyclable plastic material.