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Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

Troy McQuagge is a United States-based business leader and manager. For over two decades of professional experience, Troy McQuagge has worked to sustain the business growth of the large multi-million companies towards developing better business reviews. Therefore, he has attained the most sophisticated growth in major capacities as a business leader leading many companies in the United States. Troy McQuagge is also recognized for his major strategic acceleration criteria of assimilating working solutions for his capabilities in the industry. His leadership skills have been tested for success and management levels. If you want to accept your ideal business deals, ensure you attain their significance in the business world with Troy McQuagge as your leader. Read more about Troy McQuagge at

Troy McQuagge is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the United States Health Group Company. Because of his high-end capabilities as a manager and facilitated business executive, Troy McQuagge has been named as the CEO of the Year by the United States-based Prestigious One Planet Company. The Prestigious One Planet Company is a firm that honors the most sophisticated business leaders who have achieved a significant amount of their solutions in helping their companies and business grow faster than the normal CEO could do. Troy McQuagge has satisfied the company with his capacities to be nominated as the best CEO of the Year with the Prestigious One Planet Company based in the United States.

The coveted One Planet Awards is a program that honors the best business leaders in the world. All leaders in business are urged to apply to be nominated as the best CEOs of the year based on their achievements in the industry. For all those that apply, they are not restricted by the industry their business run. Moreover, they do not regard the basic capabilities for operation in the business world. All organizations in the world are urged to apply for the management solution to enable their activities to achieve better solutions. It also does not matter whether you are a startup company or a non-profit company to be eligible for the awards. Al companies that seek these awards will have to enlist the qualifications of their CEOs for a successful strategy with the judges.

Troy McQuagge joined the United States Health group in 2010. During that time, he was assigned the task of heading the United States Health Group Advisors with management specialties in the industry. Troy McQuagge worked hard to enable the section of the company to achieve the unprecedented success levels in a manner that depicts better business solutions. His success managing the United States Health Group Advisors section worked to his advantage as he was appointed as the next CEO of the Company. This was the time he achieved the full powers of making the company grow faster.


The Three Things Fabletics Focuses On

Fabletics has a unique reverse showroom engineering technique. This is helping them take on Amazon, which controls 20% of the online fashion industry. Fabletics owns both physical stores and an online store. They offer a subscription-based service to their customers. They have over 1 million customers who are subscribed to this subscription service. Thirty to 50 percent of the customers who walk into the stores are already paying subscribers. Another 25% of the customers will become subscribers inside the store. That is how this technique is possible. Instead of customers coming in and trying on products and then avoiding buying them because they are unsure if they want to buy it at the current moment, Fabletics just lets their customers choose to make the decision at a later time. Fabletics focuses on what their customers want. They know what their customers want by using their online data. They look at what customers in certain areas are buying online. They then can stock their physical locations with those products. They also look at a particular location’s social media feedback. According to Fabletics, the reason they have such a large growth rate is because they focus on three things. These three things are people, accessibility, and culture. By focusing on people, meaning their customers, they are able to retain their previous customers. They also focus on culture, meaning they look at trends in the fashion industry and what people want. Most of all, they focus on accessibility, which is possible through their subscription-based service. People are able to get clothing every single month at a very cheap price. People can also walk into stores at any time and get clothing.


Businesses like Fabletics are facing challenges. However, businesses are able to understand the new consumer. They offer unique designs, unique membership options, and a unique customer experience to grow their business. If you cannot do what Fabletics is doing, you will never be able to succeed because you will not be able to compete with the big ecommerce companies such as Amazon.


Kate Hudson is a member of the team at Fabletics. She endorses Fabletics, and she is involved in making the decisions at every level. She helps with everything, including design, marketing, and customer relationships. You should take the lifestyle quiz and find out which clothing is the best for you.