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InnovaCare Health; Rick Shinto’s Significant Role in the Facility

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a private company that provides Medicare plans and physician practice services in North America. They are committed to developing concepts which are exclusive and fully integrated with modern day technology. They are also more concerned about cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and top quality. Currently, Rick Shinto assumes the office of the chief CEO and president. He has been in the health industry for over twenty years and influences it greatly even through writing medicine articles. He is such a great mind.

Rick earned his B.S from the University of California at Irvine and a medical bachelor’s New York’s State University. He also went further to pursue an MBA from the University of Redlands. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick had served other influential offices elsewhere. He had served in NAMM, Medical Pathways Management, Cal Optima Health Plan, Medical Management for MedPartners as well as in Southern California where he had taken his internship and pulmonology practice.

New Administrative Positions Announced at InnovaCare

In his wisdom, Rick and the management saw it wise to have additional three offices at InnovaCare. Towards the end of July 2016, various people assumed the positions that best suited them. Jonathan Meyers is now the Chief Actuary Officer, Mike Sortino serving as the Chief Accounting Officer, whereas Penelope Kokkinides screwed the office of Chief Administrative Officer.

Background Information About Penelope

Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope had been serving at Centerlight HealthCare as the executive vice president and chief operating Officer. She always played a central role in initiating and implementing concepts for the company. She has greatly excelled academically as well, with a bachelor’s in biological sciences and classical languages attained from Binghamton University, two master’s degree, one in public health and another in social work, as well as a post master’s degree in alcohol and substance abuse.

Together they think through ideas and work together towards implementing them. As an entrepreneur, she takes the time to plan on what the next day carries.


At InnovaCare, the patient’s needs always come first. In their everyday endeavor, quality medical services define the end goal. Again they believe that for healthier days and guaranteed growth, you must invest in equally visionary leaders. Learn more on XRepublic about Rick Shinto.

Wen By Chaz Will Change Your Hair

There are so many unique and wonderful hair care products in the market, some are cheap while others are expensive. Some will change your hairstyle while others will revolutionize it. In any case, it is important to find a budget-friendly system that fits your needs.

One unique brand that is gaining popularity because of its natural ingredients and ability to clean and improve your hair is the Wen by Chaz haircare system. This system boasts both affordability, environmentally friendly, and healthy for your hair without any of the typical harsh chemicals that do more damage than good to your locks.

Throw away all those cleansers and conditioners that rack up your finances and eat up your time each day. The Wen by Chaz cleanse system uses a 5-in-1 cleansing system. This 5-in-1 system contains shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner. You will save ample time because now you no longer have to wash your hair 5 different ways to achieve and maintain your style

Wen by Chaz also provides you an affordable haircare system as you can find the haircare system on most websites for under $40. If you were to go out and buy all those different products, you might find better deals in price, but not in product. Wen by Chaz is easy on the wallet and great for managing your hair.

Most importantly is what’s inside the Wen by Chaz package. The Natural ingredients and chemical free product keeps your hair feeling and looking naturally healthy and vibrant. A lot of products driven by chemicals will create dry frizzy hair with plenty of split-ends in the future. Wen by Chaz has built a product that is both healthy for you and friendly to the environment. If you are looking for a new style, start it off right by trying Wen by Chaz.


Madison Street Capital Wins Big at the M&A Advisor’s 11th Annual Turnarounds Awards

The M&A Advisor recently announced the 11th edition of the Annual Turnaround Awards. One of the big winners mentioned in the announcement was Madison Street Capital. The company won in the Restructuring Deal of the Year (Under $25MM) category for its innovative restructuring programs. The award ceremony would take place on 23 March 2017 at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. It will also feature professionals who are knowledgeable in distressed investing matters. The ceremony’s activities will include interactive forums with contributions from Bloomberg media specialists.


How Madison Won the Award


The M&A Advisor has always focused on honoring industry leaders and dealmakers since 2002. The M&A Advisor was established in 1998 to oversee mergers and acquisitions transactions. The institution has been offering intelligence and insights on M&A transactions since its establishment. The M&A Advisor usually honors companies and professionals who excel in facilitating mergers and acquisitions yearly.


The award organizer selected Madison Street Capital as the winner after evaluating 300 other companies regarding their restructuring strategies. The president of the renowned M&A Advisor, David Fergusson, said that Madison Street Capital deserved the award. He also mentioned how his institution is striving at honoring reorganization and distressed investing companies and professionals. Fergusson pointed out that Madison’s restructuring and distressed investing strategies in 2016 were exceptional.


Madison’s chief executive officer responded by pointing out how the company was privileged to have won an M&A Advisor Award. He also said that the company won because of its professionals who are dedicated to serving clients with optimal solutions. Botchway also said that Madison’s professionals have extensive experience and knowledge in distressed investing.


About Madison Street Capital


As an international investment banking company, integrity is one of the reasons Madison Street Capital excels in service delivery. The company’s professionals embrace integrity when delivering corporate financial advisory solutions. Madison’s service delivery charter encompasses mergers and acquisitions, valuation services, and financial opinions. These services are provided with an objective of enabling clients to excel in the global marketplace.


Madison Street Capital also stands out from other U.S.-based investment companies due to its M&A transactions. The company pays close attention to these transactions because they drive global growth in the businesses of clients. Furthermore, Madison Street Capital reputation continues to develop immensely due to the firm’s ability to adopt high levels of professionalism and delivering investment banking solutions with unwavering dedication.


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Improved Health, Weight Loss & Feeling Great, All Because Of


Weight loss, improved health and feeling better are something that everyone wants to achieve, right? offers a full body cleanse that has increased social media buzzing about the positive results. Popular sites and celebrities such as Steve Harvey are swearing by the Dherbs cleanse and diet. Harvey recently invited Dherbs CEO to appear on his show and talk about his health products.

Weight loss, energy and improved health are just a few things that have been mentioned. The full body cleanse, coupled with a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and raw seeds are the ticket for success. Eating right is of course a part of the diet, but the health products greatly enhance the results. also offers other products that allow individuals a variety of ways to achieve their personal health goals.


Weight loss is a billion dollar industry every years, but is not the only health concern that people have. Dherbs Inc. also offers products that help with colon cleansing, fertility, hormonal balances and even specialty items for both women and men. Those that have a weakened immune system can benefit from immunity boosts and even help fight off viral infections with their anti-viral supplement. With flu season upon us, that anti-viral may just be the ticket to health. has a variety of personal care products as well. They also offer hygiene and beauty products such as lip balm, facial skin kits and therapeutic oils. Not only are they concerned with internal health, but they also assist in the health of outer appearance. Products are meant to restore health and improve well-being from “within the human body”.

If you know Sheryl Underwood, you probably know her weight loss story and how she keeps fit. She is one of the celebrities who have tried the Full Body Cleanse. Just recently, in a radio talk show, she talked about her weight loss journey and how she discovered the cleanse online. She used it and swears by its ability to facilitate weight loss.

The Full Body Cleanse, according to Sheryl, can be used alongside a regular workout regimen. This is how she managed to lose weight while on the 20-day program. The good thing about the program is that it is natural and made of products which actually benefit your body.

The New Madison County Courier Is Changing The Way New York Does Law

The new and improved Madison County Courier is speedily changing how New York operates within the system of law. Usually, when an individual goes to court, he/she would have a few minutes to hire an attorney. On other occasions, people would ask around to try and find the best attorney in town. If that did not work, the last option would be to spend hours searching through the phone book and non-credible web pages looking for the right attorney for the situation at hand.


The Madison County Courier has changed this with the new features that are listed on its website. For starters, the website can be visited from any electronic device; this includes any cellphone on the market today. Individuals visiting this website do not need to know any legal terminology or even the major legal facts in their case. All they have to do is enter a small summary of what happened. They will also need to enter information such as how much money they can spend on an attorney, how soon the attorney is needed, and few other pieces of personal information. These people will then receive a list of at least a dozen credible attorneys that are ready to take on their case for a reasonable price.


While on this website, people will also have the opportunity to learn about Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein. This is the attorney responsible for making the New York Bar Association put this program together. Attorney Goldstein obtained a degree in law from New York University. He was at the top of his class, and every law firm in the area wanted to hire him. Jeremy decided to work for the people. He did this by first fighting for businesses being taken advantage of by the government. After this, he decided to attend to the legal needs of the common people.


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Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Inventive Research in Cancer and Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a senior professor and oncology scientist. He currently operates from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He has a Ph.D. in experimental cardiology and experimental medicine. Before his doctorate, Mikhail studied at the First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Petersburg, where he earned a master’s degree in internal medicine.

Mikhail began working at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2009 as an oncology professor. His appointment came because he is an accomplished scholar on the subject. He became an associate professor at New York Medical College in 2002. Additionally, Blagosklonny was engaged at the Ordway Research Institute as a senior scientist. His research work centers on cancer, anti- aging drugs, targeted cancer therapies, and aging mechanisms.

Science Research

Blagosklonny has been internationally recognized as a passionate advocate for cancer drugs, mainly, Rapamycin. He has developed a theory on the possible role of TOR indications in cancer and aging. He has further proposed Rapamycin as a viable drug for its ability to prolong life.

Mikhail believes that it is possible for the world to thrive from cancer and aging effects. He has dedicated more time and energy in extensive oncology research to find options for cancer therapies. His hypothesis includes cell cycle, cellular biology, molecular biology, anti-cancer ontogenesis, therapeutics, tumor suppressors and clinical investigations.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is genuinely interested in cancer studies and targeted cancer therapies that prevent healthy cells from being harmed by dangerous rays and chemotherapy, the aging mechanism of (biogerontology), and anti-aging treatments. His study of signal transduction trails on cancer and aging revealed potential marks that slow down aging and related illnesses.


Blagosklonny also serves as chief editor of several magazines like Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. He is also in the Cancer Biology and Therapy editorial board and serves as an associate editor at Cell Death and Differentiation, PLUS ONE, the International Journal of Cancer, and the American Journal of Pathology. Blagosklonny has published groundbreaking science journals on Oncotarget and other notable publications.

Mikhail has written over 350 articles on topics like chemotherapeutic engineering, cancer cells, aging theory, and cell cyclotherapy. The scientist has regularly shared his research ideas on cancer and aging. His contributions on aging and cancer therapies have been essential in cancer treatment and research.

How to ensure that each day is a good hair day; tips from Wen by Chaz

Every person wishes that they would have long and lustrous hair every day of their lives. Unfortunately, for many women, this does not happen and at times, the condition of the hair becomes seriously compromised by issues such as dryness of the scalp, itchiness, dull hair and split ends. One hair specialist that has been following women and their struggles has come up with products that have been transforming the way in which women care for their crowning beauty. Below are some of the essential tips that Wen By Chaz offers about getting and keeping beautiful hair.

Using the right washing process

Not many women realize this but their hair starts getting ruined from the moment that they start washing it. The best way to wash hair is first of all to make sure that the entire scalp gets wet. This helps the strands of hair lock in the moisture. After the hair has been wet, you can begin the shampooing process, followed by the rinse. When you finish the washing, always make sure that you condition the hair before combing it. The conditioner works out any tangles and prevents the hair from splitting.

Treating the hair with heating tools

This is another common cause of bad hair in women. When using heat styling tools, it is recommended that you tune down the heat. Hair gets damaged from excessive use of materials such as blow driers and curling irons. Heat protection creams can help minimize the effect of the styling tools.

Hair care products

This is the ultimate determiner of the state of your hair. Brands such as WEN hair are great because they have been researched on and proven to be the best for hair. The founder of the line has been a hair care professional for decades and understands the major issues and the best solutions for them.

WEN Hair is sold almost exclusively online ( though there are some retailers such as Sephora that also sell the products in their stores. You can buy the WEN by Chaz products in a three sets that includes the conditioner, shampoo and mousse, or you can go with the deluxe kit that also includes mist and gloss.

For more product info, check out their pages on Wikipedia and Facebook.