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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics taking on Amazon for all their money

There are industry online retailers that have been in control of the sales for a number of years now. For instance, a recent research showed that a quarter of all the online retail deals made in the country are controlled by Amazon. This means that any newcomer to the industry faces stiff competition from the giants. This is the exact environment that Kate Hudson got welcomed to when she started her fashion line-Fabletics. However, a few years down the line, one can see the essence of the hard work, and the fact that she is breaking the glass ceiling is enough evidence that the industry giants do not have to dominate all the time.

Kate created fashion with a purpose, she wanted items of clothing that people would find fashionable while at the same time feel comfortable enough exercising in them. Previously, when one established a high value line of clothing, they would have two things as their selling point. These included the cost of the merchandise and the value of the goods. The main selling point for the items was the fact that they were buying something that was both trendy and unique. This has changed over time because every player in the industry is putting their best foot forward in a bid to win the most customers. To make any sales worth a discussion, you need a combination of positive customer experience, exclusivity of the design. When Kate Hudson was starting Fabletics, she based it on the said values and the results have been fabulous for her.

The smart business strategy that was applied by the leadership at Fabletics has been compared to Apple and Warby Parker. They have opened up stores in places such as Florida, Illinois, California and Hawaii. The secret that has led to their market domination, according to Gregg Throgmartin is their ability to create a brand that is of superior value but at the same time friendly to the user. The customers can thus feel stylish without having to lose their life savings for the same.

The marketing strategy that has helped them make the success they have is reverse show-rooming. Most of the people who shop online are looking for trendy items to go shop elsewhere, where the cost is friendlier. The sales team realized this and made retail part of their shopping experience, as opposed to it being the only component. Five years after Fabletics was established, they have managed to create a capital base of millions and a religion-like following. Their currently profits are to the tune of $250 million annually.

Why Waiakea Water Will Be On Your Lips Soon

Bottled water may not sound like a hot product, and its been taking a lot of flak recently. But Ryan Emmons saw an opportunity when he discovered the naturally filtered and enriched water Hawaii had to offer.

He wanted to bottle and market the water but was aware of the environmental problems used water bottles cause. Ryan wanted an environmentally safe product. He also wanted to help the less fortunate in the world.

The Genesis Of The Idea

Ryan grew up in Santa Barbara but spent plenty of time in Hawaii. He came upon the water idea when he learned about the unique features of Hawaiian water. The water is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock and becomes enriched in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

This process also makes the water rich in electrolytes. While in his first year at USC, he teamed up with a college friend, Matt Meyer, and they were able to obtain a lease on a Hawaiian well.

He arranged for Waiakea Water to be shipped to California and packaged in recycled plastic bottles. The packaging process offsets pollution caused by the shipping emissions.

Building The Brand And Giving Back

Ryan built the Waiakea water brand by building a lifestyle brand. In other words, their loyal consumers buy and use the water as part of their lifestyle. They developed the idea of drinking Waiakea water as an ongoing effort to drink healthy and live responsibly.

The company also partnered with PumpAid, a charitable organization that works to provide clean drinking water to communities in need. As a result, the charity has provided 500 million liters of water to African communities.

Why You Need To Keep An Eye On Them

So what’s so special about Waiakea water? The company has grown 4000% since it started in 2012. Considering bottled water was seen as a closed market, dominated by older more established companies, that’s a significant accomplishment. The company has a valuation of $10 million and now ships 122,400 cases a year.

They’re regularly distributed in different locations, including Whole Foods. They’ve opened a new manufacturing facility, and they’ve moved into four countries and two continents. The water is reasonably priced for the market, and its popularity grows steadily.

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JeanMarie Guenot Brings Her Business And Scientific Skills To Amphivena Theraeputics


The rise of Amphivena Therapeutics has been a fast one with the company looking to ensure the medical issue of blood cancers through the development of immunotherapeutics that can play a key role in the eradication of these diseases. In a bid to build a successful company that will achieve its goals in the years to come Amphivena Therapeutics is looking to develop its management team with the appointment of JeanMarie Guenot, who is one of the best known members of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


In appointing new leadership, like JeanMarie Guenot to the role of President and CEO of Amphivena, the company is looking to draw on the more than 20 years of experience she has developed since graduating with advanced degrees from the University of California and the University of Pennsylvania; not just a business leader, Guenot used her time as a student to develop her skills as a scientist with skills in X-ray, drug design, and molecular dynamics. After leaving education behind JeanMarie looked to develop her own company in the form of SKS Ocular, which is one of the leading developers of ocular care treatments and therapies. The work of JeanMarie has also taken on a global scale with her appointment as an advisor to the respected Hoffmann-La Roche company that saw her skills taken to major industry locations, such as Shanghai and Basel.


JeanMarie Guenot has been one of the most innovative members of the pharmaceutical industry throughout her 20 year career, which includes her time developing a series of drugs and treatments for various illnesses and diseases; Guenot has been responsible for developing breakthrough treatments in many areas like autoimmune disease and inflammation. As a business leader Guenot has often made a mark when joining companies that are just setting out on their development phase or for those who are looking to rebuild for the future. In working with Amphivena Therapeutics JeanMarie Guenot is looking to continue her success in medical advancement, like the new partnership with Takeda.