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George Soros – expert life hacker

With the widespread adoption of computer and network technology, many elements of the techno lexicon have entered the mainstream. Some of these are the various concepts related to the art of hacking on Snopes. At first, the term hacking had perfectly benign connotations, simply denoting the act of writing code. Slowly, it began to take on darker subtexts as it became associated with those few geniuses who were capable of wreaking havoc by gaining unauthorized access to computer systems on Forbes.

But since 2010 or so, the term has once again been rehabilitated to its original state, often carrying perfectly benign, pro-social connotations. However, it is the concept not of the computer-based security hack but of the life hack that most appropriately applies to George Soros. In fact, in terms of life hacking, George Soros may be the prototypical and best life hacker there’s ever been. At its core, Soros’ activities have simply consisted of finding legal exploits, holes in the system which allow an astute observer to profit. George Soros’ ability to see exploits that others cannot has allowed him to amass one of the largest fortunes on earth and to earn the place as, perhaps, the greatest trader who ever lived.

One man wrecking crew

One of George Soros’ greatest plays, indeed, one of the greatest trades in history, was his $10 billion short sell of the Pound Sterling in 1992. The British government had attempted to peg the Pound to the German Mark. But the latter was a strong currency which was backed by Germany’s formidable industrial economy. Under treaty to maintain fixed exchange rates with the Mark, the Pound began deflating on all markets outside the Exchange Rate Mechanism, the treaty which established the fixed exchange rates. George Soros and other currency speculators smelled blood in the water and began shorting the pound, which Britain was required under the treaty to exchange at parity with the Mark but the real value of which was rapidly plummeting.

But Soros’ talent for spotting life hacks extends beyond the financial markets. Recently, George Soros discovered that by replacing prosecuting attorneys across the United States he could affect rapid change and shift local judicial systems towards progressive approaches. Soros saw an opportunity to get progressive candidates into the one job that holds almost unilateral power in deciding who goes to jail and who goes free.

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From Colorado to Florida, he has defeated conservative incumbents by infusing their opponents’ campaign coffers with massive amounts of cash. Those quantities involved are relatively small for someone of Soros’ wealth. But the installation of progressive prosecutors has had a dramatic effect on the way in which local justice is delivered. Already, there have been fewer minority convictions and low-level drug offenders have been diverted from certain jail sentences to treatment programs. This is a great victory in the eyes of Soros’ and another example of his keen sense of exploiting loopholes to get the results he desires.

The importance of Confidence According to Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a successful business person from the United States of America. His mother and grandmother were both teachers, and from a young age, the two taught him the importance of confidence when it comes to acquiring knowledge and information.

He attributes his success to these two ladies. He is credited with the establishment of a wealth management foundation called Wealth Solutions. With this firm that is based in Dallas he has managed to establish himself as the most experienced advisor when it comes to wealth management and retirement process. He boasts of several qualifications that include the CFS, CAS, RICP as well as CES. Under his leadership, this firm has managed to operate as a RIA, meaning registered investment advisory. Following the years of experience, he has formulated the following financial plan for his clients.

The plan consists of three pillars. To make it in the financial world, Blair has the idea that a person needs to have a very solid plan. The three-pillar plan allows wealth solutions to develop a plan that suits every client that comes along. The first pillar allows the company to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the client.

According to Blair, the best way in going about this step is identifying the strengths of the client’s roadmap as well as its goals, growth opportunities and the risk tolerance associated with the roadmap. Richard says that the best way in coming up with such a plan is understanding where the client is coming from. By allowing the clients to participate in this step means that they will be able to follow the process without any difficulty.

According to Bright Scope that Richard Blair Wealth Solution said that the second pillar involves developing a long-term strategy for the investment need of the customer. This is the part that involves covering the liquidity needs of the company as well as the investment goals.

This is also the part where the company reallocates the various assets owned by the client to provide maximum performance for the portfolio being managed. The last pillar according to Blair is taking care of the insurance needs of the clients. This does not only take care of long-term care but also takes care of all annuities involved.

Since its inception in the year 1994, Wealth solution continues to offer unbiased advice to its client regardless of their origin, race, and size of the portfolio as well as their background. With the leadership of Blair, there is potential for growth and expansion.

Mike Baur Uses His Successful Startup To Helps Other Startups

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. He co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 alongside Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Before that, he worked in the banking industry for twenty years and invested in numerous startup companies. He is also the co-founder and Director of the Swiss Startup Association. He received his MBA from the University of Rochester and his Executive MBA from the University of Berne.



The Swiss Startup Factory’s mission is to help startup companies become global companies that change norms and typical business models. They run a startup accelerator program that has become the standard for all other like programs around the world. They also provide their startups with any and all services they may need, in the beginning and in the future. They offer a complete service to their services.



The accelerator program aims to take a startup’s ideas to market in three months. The program starts in two batches each year, one in September and one in February. The Swiss Startup Factory selects only the most talented and assists them in building their businesses. The company offers these select talents he services, coaching, mentoring, and office space that they need to succeed.



Each startup that is involved in the accelerator program must pass certain milestones in order to graduate from the program. These milestones are judged by a pre-selected jury which consists of entrepreneurs, founding partners of the Swiss Startup Factory, and industry specialists. The program consists of team building sessions, prototyping, milestone meetings, sales trainings, survival days, mentor sessions, and input sessions given by specialists.



After startups graduate from the accelerator program, the Swiss Startup Factory helps them achieve their business goals. They help the startups determine their barriers and customize services to fit the unique needs of their new business. The startups are teamed up with investors, a business development plan, and a management team to assist them in all aspects of their business.



In addition to their accelerator program, the Swiss Startup Factory initiated the SSUF Female Founder Network that has the goal of building a strong work environment for female entrepreneurs in the country. The Swiss Startup Factory connects female entrepreneurs with each other, open doors to investors and provides them with support throughout their journey to the company’s wide, unique network.



The hope of the SSUF Female Founder Network is to break down barriers within the industry and increase the number of female-founded startups. The company mobilizes a very strong network of female founders and hopes to dramatically increase the number of females that join the SSUF accelerator program.