Archives: August 2016

ConnectUs and Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has announced it’s newest addition of ConnectUs, this link allows for automated Grievance Applications and Inmate Forms. With ConnectUs, it will help in saving money and time, approximately 65% of time over filling out paper forms. Generally, correct facilities have normally used paper forms for various request by inmates such as medical, grievances, sign up forms and handbook acceptance forms. There has been valuable time spent by correctional officers collecting, distributing, logging, routing, copying, responding, archiving, filing, and storing these forms. However, with the new ConnectUs application, these forms of any type can easily be created and then become available to inmates. And if there is a change that needs to be made to a form, this can be done in minutes, and it does not involve printing. The app helps to transform the manual paper processes into a digital automation. The Grievance Application and Inmate Forms are making a real difference for customers using the app. With this newest addition, Securus has automated and processed 13.8 forms on average per inmate per month, and through this is saving the corrections staff time that they can use for focusing on security and safety. Inmates have also benefited from the self-servicing access for forms , being able to check the status of grievances and forms and appeal or accept them. With Securus ongoing efforts for providing automated tools for corrections and inmates, ConnectUs helps in bringing innovations to modernizing the incarceration experiences. ConnectUs has been known as the most robust app and features a rich inmate platform within the market. Not only does ConnectUs help in allowing inmates to access services and features that have never before been available, it also fully governs when and what is available for inmates. There are also many additional capabilities of the platform including time, dynamic application display by day, digital inmate bulletin board, and inmate location.